MageUnconference World Premiere in Berlin


It started off as an idea and has now become a reality: the first MageUnconference, an unconference for the Magento community. In contrast to other tech or ecommerce events, an unconference has no fixed talks in advance.

It’s not so much about the agenda

Everything the attendees of this first MageUnconference knew before their arrival was that there would be plenty of opportunities to talk to each other and a schedule of several 45-minutes sessions, but topics were to be proposed by the attendees themselves. Organising this event, it’s been Firegento’s aim to encourage the exchange of knowledge and pass on experience, empowering the Magento community.

It’s about the people

Without a fixed schedule the MageUnconference offered a place where people meet: those who want to pass on knowledge and those who are eager to learn more. Since English was the event’s official language, the audience was quite international and diverse which meant an even greater input of expertise. Everyone was invited to propose topics and talks, vote for their favourite topics and take an active part in creating an enlightening experience.

Located at the Abenteuerzentrum im Grunewald in Berlin, we had plenty of room to explore ideas and enjoy the sunshine with like-minded people. In between sessions our agenda was to make sure people talked to each other, discussing what they have just heard, talking about what they have always wanted to talk about to other Magento folks or just catching up with friends.

During these times when Magento’s future is all but set in stone, those involved with the e-commerce system have a need to talk things through. Almost a hundred people took the opportunity and attended the MageUnconference.

Collaboration and inspiration

Starting from the Pre Party on Friday evening until the last talks on Sunday the first MageUnconference has been an inspiring weekend. Those present at the event showed the community’s greatest asset: its spirit of collaboration. Developers, store owners and service providers alike joined in the fun so that everyone present could benefit from this event.

Of course we would not organize such an event without thinking about ways of balancing the earnest topics. On Saturday evening after a successful first day the After Show Party offered plenty of opportunities to engage in leisure activities. As many have observed, there is no Magento event without a fire show: the live show “Feuer und Poesie” created a great atmosphere with a mesmerizing performance.

We are endlessly grateful to all attendees, speakers, the team at Abenteuerzentrum im Grunewald, and those who brought this event to life. A special thank you goes out to our sponsors – maxcluster, AOE, iWelt and integer_net – who showed their great support of this community by making the MageUnconference possible.

All images of the Mage Unconference 2015 can be found in the image gallery.

Thanks to Sonja Riesterer for this blog post.

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