Türchen 24: This is Magento Community!


Dear community,

Tobias Vogt, from webguys took care of the advent calendar the last years. But as you may know, time can be quite short if you have a good and full life. So it happened, that I asked him on the 27th of November: “What about the advent calender” and the answer was like “Oh – it is already this time of the year ?? I think I don’t have time for that”. And I totally understand, it takes some time as Claudia and Fabian have learned. A big thank you to Claudia and Fabian, for finding the authors, reminding them to deliver their posts, proof read one or another article and for doing some advertisement around the posts. And a big thank you to Tobias for starting this tradition.

Community is…

  • to not fight against each other, but to invite ourselves and offer help were needed and desired. I’m very thankful that we (Claudia + Fabian) were able to took care of the Advent calendar.
  • to find in two days 18 people who offer their help as well to write one article each. (and another few days to fill the remaining spots)
  • to have only 5 comments, and this is something we need to get better – A LOT.
  • to have many different topics people write about. Not only magento – and this is important.
  • to not only have the old stagers writing posts – It is a pleasure to have you all, especially the new “faces” ?
  • to just do things. Talk about it later. Write a tweet, make sure the scheduling is right. Write an email/message/… to remind the author to get the text.

It is an honor and a privilege to fill one month with live together with you folks. We would love to see more comments! Now!

And now we’ll end with a quote by Tobias from last year:

Thanks to all various authors of our xmas-special. We hope you have enjoyed!

We wish you merry christmas, a happy new year – see you soon at some magento conferences 🙂

This year we filled the “Türchen”-list so fast as never before, thank you very much for all your help, great blog posts and sharing your knowledge. that is so awesome!

Short review about all xmas-posts from 2017:

See you next year here!


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