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MageUC 17 Room Names

At MageUnconference, we strive to create an atmosphere of cooperation. For a whole weekend, it is our goal to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone attending this Magento centric event. The team members have strong opinions on our values. No racism, discrimination, hatred or mobbing of any kind is allowed. So everything we […]


Magento Community vor Ort! Save the Date!

Der Adventskalender von den webguys.de ist vorüber, die Weihnachtszeit durchgestanden und ihr seid hoffentlich alle gut ins neue Jahr gerutscht! Alle fangen wieder an zu arbeiten – es ist also endlich wieder Zeit Blogbeiträge zu lesen. Der neue Vorstand hat die Arbeit aufgenommen und herausgekommen sind eine ganze Liste an Veranstaltungen in diesem Jahr:


MUC – Mage Unconference #mageuc15

In May 2013, during the PHPucEU in Berlin, we started to think about an Unconference about Magento on its own. The next year on the PHPucEU,while enjoying the beautiful island of Majorca, we finally decided to do it – and started organizing. What is an unconf? In case you don’t know what an unconference is, here’s […]


Firegento_Pdf – Beautiful and Customizable PDFs For Your Magento Store

The following article is written by Simon Sprankel, thanks to him as one of the main contributor to Firegento_Pdf. Firegento_Pdf is, like FireGento_MageSetup, a free community module for Magento. It replaces the ugly standard Magento PDF templates with a fresh, new template optimised for the German market. Let us first have a look at the ugly […]


FireGento_MageSetup – the fast way to setup your Magento store

MageSetup is a free community module for Magento which simplifies the process to setup your Magento store. Its broad set of features makes the shops comply to most national laws. It has evolved from GermanSetup, a module which has grown very famous in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Germany is known to have very rigid laws which was the […]